Venture Funding Hub Meetup…. Crowdfunding: what do I need to succeed?

This week we were excited to attend the second venture funding hub meetup which allowed entrepreneurs to meetup and chat all things crowdfunding as well as meeting with Barry James and Kay Klug from The Crowdfund Centre who showed off how some of their statistical data can help crowdfunding projects to succeed!

For those of you who couldn’t make it here are a few top tips to running an excellent and successful crowdfund:
• Identify the parameters of your crowd – how many people are you trying to reach and how will you reach them?
• Use visuals to entice your audience and use your video to make yourself personable and transparent – funders have to like you as much as they like the product
• Have awesome rewards – research what other campaigns like yours have done for inspiration – make your rewards things that people really want
• Create momentum, tell people, keep them interested, find new ways to tell them and tell them again!

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