Our City…

...is synonymous with quality, world class engineering & manufacturing, and a highly skilled entrepreneurial workforce
...is the only city in the UK to have its name registered as a trademark!
...is vibrant, innovative and resilient. The quality of life and cost of living make it a great place to start or grow your company.
...is a great place to live, work and play!

Sheffield is…

The fourth largest city in England
The safest city in England
The greenest city in England
The only city in England with a National park within it’s boundary
2 hours to London by train
45 - 90 minutes drive to 3 regional airports
1 hour to Manchester & Leeds by train
Accessible by the M1
It was voted the happiest city in the UK in 2013
Sheffield's two universities generate over 12,000 graduates each year, and combined have a student population of 52,000
Over 2 million people live within 60 minutes of Sheffield, and 1.3 million of them are of working age