Previous tenants

Absynth Biologics Ltd Vaccines and antibodies to prevent and treat bacterial infections
A & L Recruitment Ltd Technician and general recruitment specialists
Active4Life Health Tech Medical Device and telehealth solutions for patient monitoring
AviaFilter Novel materials and design solutions for high performance air filters in the automotive and aerospace sectors
BiBCOM Ltd 3G Video surveillance and monitoring solutions
BD Bioscience World leader in bringing innovative diagnostic and research tools to life scientists, clinical researchers, laboratory professionals, and clinicians
Cabis Group Business and management software solutions
Carbon Sequestration Ltd R&D Services and consultancy in organic and inoganic chemistry
Cities Unleashed Digital services and vouchers scheme supporting local charities
CNT Powders Ltd Carbon Nanotube R&D consultancy
Diurnal Ltd Developing better therapies for people with hormone-related disorders
Excelscient Ltd STEM Recruitment specialist, and training provider
Faradion Advanced low cost battery materials
GM Construction Ltd
IN-PART An online matchmaking platform that unlocks innovation from research by providing the initial introduction for new partnerships between universities and companies
Iterate Control Ltd Software, consulting and training in dynamic testing methods
International Innovation Services Ltd Regional leading business development company
Kirkstall Ltd Biotech company specialising in products and services for in-vitro cell culture research and the development of routine in-vitro testing.
KTA Industry research and collaboration support, consultancy and funding
Magnomatics Ltd Revolutionary contactless, lubricant-free magnetic gear systems and ultra high-torque electrical machines
MED Organic LED development and solutions
Medella Therapeutics Ltd Cancer treatments using monoclonal antibodies
Mendzapp Ltd Coding, app and web design consultancy
Murata "Global Innovator" in core electronics and MEMS in the IT, Automotive, Environmental and Healthcare sectors
Music Code Ltd "1 shot" mobile connection solutions for the music industry
NQUK Specialist legal services and recruitment
Polygauss Ltd Development and distriubution of polymer bonded ferrite and rare earth injection moulding compounds
Phasefocus Ltd Patented and unique imaging method " Phasefocus Virtual Lens®" uses a phase retrieval algorithm to create high fidelity images from scattered waves
Quantasol Ltd Patented technology developing high efficiency III-V based solar cells
Retrogenix Ltd The leading solutions provider for receptor and membrane target deconvolution technologies
Si Biologics Synthesis of Peptides, Antibodies and specialist mounting mediums
SMIC Consultancy supporting Health Innovations in academia and industry
Stem Cell Technologies Biotech company developing specialty cell culture media, cell separation products and ancillary reagents
Sunshine HQ Digital solutions for the Music, Media and Entertainment sectors
Terracoding Ltd Web and iOS developers
Tribosonics Ltd Ultrasonic monitoring technology for engineering solutions
VT Music Leading digital solutions for media and music publishing and synchronisation