Suel was formed as Unisheff Ventures Ltd in 1984 to help the University of Sheffield commercialize intellectual property created by their research.

Since changing our name in 1998, we’ve assisted in the formation of over 350 companies spun-out from the universities of Sheffield and Cardiff and helped create more than 150 jobs nationwide.

Although continuing to help universities with their exploitation process, we are now using the skills, experience and attributes gained in assisting technology transfer to help more businesses outside the university sector.
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Xtralien Ltd is a new start-up specialising in precision test and measurement equipment for scientists and engineers. Their flagship product is the Xtralien board, a Source Measure Unit which provides high performance at an affordable price. Founded by scientists, Xtralien prides itself on creating equipment that is practical, reliable and adaptable. In keeping with this ethos their hardware and software is open source in order to inspire learning and create a community of users who share knowledge and ideas.
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