Business Advice Meeting: Managing Employees

Today we had a business advice meeting focusing on managing employees which was hosted collectively by HLW Keeble Hawson and BHP Chartered Accountants. The presentations covered a range of important aspects for employers when they are taking on new employees, working with existing employees or setting up incentives for their staff.

HLW Keeble Hawson covered employment status and discussed the rights attached to each type of employment status. They also covered disciplinary procedures, contracts and what paperwork it is necessary to have in place to protect both your employees and your company. They discussed benefits and discrimination and how as an employer you must ensure that any staff benefits are fair and couldn’t be understood to be discriminative despite your best intentions.

BHP Chartered Accountants covered staff incentives and particularly salary sacrifice schemes, which allow staff to sacrifice part of their salary for some other kind of benefits and allows both staff and employers to save on tax. The type of benefits you can offer are extremely varied but a few examples are pension contributions, company cars, IT benefits and work related training.

Our next meeting will focus on working internationally – if you're interested in coming along sign up here!