Business Advice Meeting: Climbing the Funding Ladder

Sheffield Venture Funding Hub

On Thursday Feb 5th we had The Crowdfund Centre deliver a talk to a diverse group of entrepreneurs, business support and student support professionals, accountants and solicitors. Not only did the talk introduce the audience to benefits of Crowd-funding such as the fact it gives you an engaged and accessible market for your project and ultimately makes you more appealing to investors, it also showcased some popular projects. We personally were big fans of the extremely successful Exploding Kittens Kickstarter. The presentation also gave some hands on advice - like did you know you are much more likely to be successful if you have 30% of your overall target in the first few days so get your friends, family and business contacts to commit to donating immediately when you launch.

The Crowdfund Centre is currently in the process of developing an exciting new support system for entrepreneurs. The project is called Venture Funding Hubs and intends to supply support for entrepreneurs looking to raise funds for their ventures and projects. Obviously the Crowdfund Centre are primarily concerned with supporting Crowdfunding projects but they also intend to work with intermediaries, business support advisors and even banks to see how these hubs could also support those looking at traditional funding options. Their website describes it as “Blending new and traditional finance, aiming to help you get the best solution for your venture” ( Hopefully Sheffield will be one of the first UK cities to launch a Venture Funding Hub and in turn to grow the amount of capital we raise using crowdfunding.

Deputy Prime Minister and representative for Sheffield Hallam Nick Clegg said:

“I'm delighted that the first Venture Funding Hub is being created here in Sheffield as part of an initiative that will span our great northern cities. It will complement the TechNorth initiative I have previously announced and it can play a part in growing a world-class tech cluster. The fact that this was conceived and is led by The Crowdfunding Centre, right here in Sheffield in the heart of TechNorth territory, is particularly welcome.”

We hope we’ll be able to continue working with the Crowdfund Centre on this initiative and to be able to help provide support for the companies and entrepreneurs engaging with The University of Sheffield through our Innovation Centres. We’ll keep you posted as we hear developments!

Our next Business Advice Meeting is April 17th focusing on Managing Employees: Book Here